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Who is eligible to apply for a PNG Work Permit?

Non-citizens over the age of 23 years, who possess the necessary skills and qualifications pertaining to the specific position offered by the prospective employer are eligible to apply for a Work Permit.
Evidence of proficiency in English language is required for citizens of certain jurisdictions; the full list of these countries can be provided.
The employer must be a local business registered by IPA to conduct business in PNG or a foreign entity registered by IPA to conduct business in PNG.
All non-citizens who seek employment in Papua New Guinea must possess a valid work permit and a valid working resident visa before they can commence work in PNG.

What are the standard processing timeframes for a PNG Work Permit, PNG Visa & PNG Passport?

Work Permit: Standard processing time is 15-20 working days from date of lodgement. 
PNG Employment Visa: Standard processing time is 15-20 working days from date of lodgement.
PNG Passport: Standard processing time is 15-20 working days for Normal Process and 48 hours for Fast Track Process.

Can Visas be extended in country?

Yes, visas can be extended in country depending on the type of visa you have been issued and the eligibility requirements for a visa extension.

What Labour can Vanguard provide?

Vanguard can provide hired labour for all sectors and at all levels – Citizens and Non-citizens

What do your Labour Hire services include?

Our services include:


  1. Sourcing
    Oversight and administration of all HR related matters – including Medical, Superannuation, Salary Sacrifice and PPE

How do I apply for a PNG Passport if it is stolen, lost or damaged?

If your PNG Passport is still valid and has been stolen, lost or damaged, a police report and a statutory declaration to validate your passport is required to accompany the application form. Applicable fees plus a penalty fee will apply.

How do I know if I am eligible for Permanent Residence or Dual Citizenship?

How do I register with Vanguard?

You can register online by Clicking here 

You can email your updated CV to: info@vanguard.com.pg

What current job vacancies are available?

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Does Vanguard provide payroll services for citizens and non-citizens?