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Does Vanguard provide payroll services for citizens and non-citizens?


What are the Salary and Wages Tax Rates in PNG?

Follow this link to the current PNG Salaries and Wages Tax Rates (effective January 2019 and unchanged to date)




Salary & Wages Tax
< K12,500 nil
> K12,500 and < K20,000 22%
> K20,000 and < K33,000 30%
> K33,000 and < K70,000 35%
> K70,000 and < K250,000 40%
> K250,000 42%
What is the difference between Gross Income and Net Income?

“Gross” is the amount before deductions (i.e. Salaries & Wages Tax, Superannuation, etc)

“Net” is the amount (i.e. the net balance) after deductions.

Is Vanguard up to date with PNG Government compliance requirements for its employees?

Yes – Vanguard is fully compliant for:


  1. Salary & Wage Tax:
    Lodgements of monthly salaries and wages tax returns to Papua New Guinea Internal Revenue Commission (PNG IRC).
    Annual Statement of Earnings to employees and IRC reconciliation.


  2. Superannuation Contribution:
    Fortnightly payment of all employer/employee contributions.